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Save Money & Time
You'll love the convenience of this amazing spot-free rinse system. Simple, wash your vehicle, rinse and go! It’s great for all auto surfaces such as paint, metal, glass, engine parts, chrome and wheels.

The Invisible Chamois is a simple, easy-to-use device to remove impurities in the water and provide a spot-free rinse for any vehicle.

The Invisible Chamois™ delivers the purified, mineral-free water quality of a commercial spot-free rinse system

in an economical portable unit, partnered with an environmentally safe recharging service.

How it works!
Invisible Chamois System captures minerals and other impurities in the water using a non-hazardous plastic resin similar to those found in typical water softeners. It does not contain harmful chemicals, soaps, salts or additives.


Simply attach the unit to a common water hose and enjoy the many benefits of using pure water. NO spots. NO streaks. NO filmy residue. NO harmful scratches on painted or smooth surfaces.
IC81™ Commercial Grade